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What you need to know to hire an Escort

What you need to know to hire an Escort

How to contact an escort without your pity? What to consider before and during the sexual encounter?

1. All the information

Do not stay only with the first profile you like. Before contacting, look at several escort profiles until you have at least a couple of candidates according to your tastes.

Pay attention to information available for each prepaid, including:

Are the photos consistent with the price?

  • Not all that glitters is gold. If in the photos she is a delicious mommy but the price seems too cheap, it is probably a fake ad. Go carefully and ask for confirmation of the photos.
  • (If you suspect any report please)
  • What services do you offer and which do not?
  • How much do you charge? Do you charge additional?
  • What time is it available?

Now, something I love to do is search for their phones on Google. That’s when the real information comes out.

By searching the phone on Google you can learn many things. For example:

Don’t have many ads? It is probably new. Do you have 63,000 ads in Mileroticos? Then it is dedicated to this long ago.

But above all, do you have forum posts?

Read Reviews and Forums

The reviews of other partners are the best way to learn how the service of an escort really is.

First I always check if you have reviews on your own Pasion profile. I usually trust colleagues who write on the site.

But it is also possible to find forums with a lot of information and experiences reported in the first person by experienced users.

But beware. When you read experiences that are pure praise, where you only talk about how great and beautiful the girl is, the excellent service she provides, and how her photos are 100% real, is to distrust.

Although reading what others say can serve as a reference, nothing replaces the live and direct experience.

The necessary communication

Needless to say, but … in no case send photos of your penis.

Believe it or not, it is disrespectful and a sure way to be ignored or directly blocked.


When you call her, you must first greet normally, say your name (or nickname) and check when it is available.

Let him know that you saw his profile in Pasion and that you already have some information about his services and rates.

Coordinate the schedule and rates, and make sure the rate includes everything you expect from it.

If you hope you can kiss her, check it out. If you expect to have anal sex, check it out. If you want some lingerie or toys, check it out.

Once confirmed, it will be an agreement between the two, which does not need to be discussed again.

Email or WhatsApp

If you contact it by WhatsApp or mail, for example, this is the most concrete message and to the point that you can write:

“Hi Esmeralda, how are you? I was seeing your profile and I think we can have a great time. Would it be possible to schedule a meeting in a few hours?… ”

Little more to add. Wait for an answer, coordinate the day and time and place.

One thing is to negotiate, another thing to haggle rates

I can call a girl who says she charges 100,000 an hour, and try to negotiate how much a three-hour or overnight service would come out.

It is very different to call that same girl and ask if I cut the time to 80.

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